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 What to do ?

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PostSubject: What to do ?   Wed 17 Jun 2015, 06:23


if you have your own blog and would you like to get some constructive opinion you can open new topic with title of your blog, nothing else.
but remember if you would like carefully written review you need to know that you won't get a review to fast.

when you give someone opinion make sure you will keep it respectful and nice, be realistic and tell what you like and not to like, still don't be rude.
and the person who is receiving review need to know that not all opinions will be positive so you can't be mad at people for expressing how they see things. maybe you could ask each other how would you do it differently.

other than that this will be really helpful.

here's the code for all people who want to open topic:

[b]Site name:[/b]
[b]Site link:[/b]
[b]Link to first update:[/b]
[b]Link to last update:[/b]
[b]Your future goals:[/b]
[b]How would you describe your site:[/b]
[b]What would you change on your site (be specific):[/b]
[b]Does your site makes you proud:[/b]

little secret: sometimes we will make your wishes come true, so be specific on your wishes and changes. xx

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What to do ?
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