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PostSubject: Groups    Tue 16 Jun 2015, 23:19


as you can se we've got six groups that you need to know:

f o u n d e r s . this group is lead by coco. and tina. we build and create this forum.

m o d e r a t o r s . in this group are founders helpers. this spot will open later when we will need more help managing forum, remember it can happen at any time, but it does depends on how active is  forum.

b l o g g e r s . well, member this is a spot for you if you're a blogger. if you want to be in this group just fill the code down there,

y o u t u b e r s . for every member that has or is building their youtube channel and wants to get known as vlogger.

o b s e r v e r s . for every undecided member you don't know if you want to be a blogger or vlogger but you do want to learn about both. you are automaticaly put into this group

i n a c t i v e . if you end up in this group you weren't active for 4 months, or you've been known as a spammer. later when forum renovation comes you will be deleted.

remember every group in important to us and we need them so you can recognize in the beginning. now if you want to sign up in one of the groups here is the code:

[b]group (blogger, youtuber, observer):[/b]
[b]name of your site & link: [/b] just for bloggers and youtubers

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