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 Application and Description

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PostSubject: Application and Description   Sun 13 Dec 2015, 02:51


As every community we need a team of people to helps us build the leading digital site. In the following I will represent what am I looking for every group. With hectic schedule I decided it's time to find a team, but as I stream that this people will be able to help as much as they can, there will be 2 months of trial work. As you will help expand our brand we will make sure that your blog gets promotion and some treats.

It's the highest forum position. They make sure that everything goes well on forum, they're aware of forum situations and they make sure it is constantly in promotion. This role usually belongs to people with ability of having good time management, are creative, knows how to organize and keep forum in the best shape.

What they need:
- Focus and time
- A lot of ideas
- Are able to promote us
- They're not just here to get promotion but help blogging world to expend and improve

Their role on S.J.:
- Make sure that forum is active
- Opening new interesting topics
- Help members
- Promotion
- Are able to create fresh content

What do we need?
Classical Moderator (2 Spots)
Promotion manager (3 spots)
Digital Designer (2 Spots)

Members that focus on writing section of our forum. But the most important role is on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. They make sure that helps with writing but they are also able to provide new topics for everyday - short or longer. They also pick the most interesting articles from members that can be publish on Saturdays Daily. Creativity and time is needed.

What do we need?
Fashion & Beauty Editor (2 spots)
Career & Motivational Editor (2 spots)
Lifestyle Editor (2 spots)
Technological & Digital Editor (2 spots)
Advice Columnist (2 spots)


Submit your application in this topic, later we will do an interview to see if you can handle forum position. Don't be afraid to apply there's no need for experience.

[b]How much time do you have on daily base:[/b]
[b]Link of your site:[/b]
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Application and Description
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